GP Lenses - Single Vision - ProCurve+

One of the most advanced contact lenses on the market

The unique fully aspheric design of the ProCurve ɑspheric makes it one of the most advanced contact lenses on the market. Greater patient comfort and visual stability is achieved with fitting diameters over 9.80mm. Fitting is kept simple with a unique adaptive aspheric back surface, inspired from greater understanding of peripheral corneal shapes. Spectacle refraction and aberrations are neutralised with complex front surface optics incorporating Perception™ wavefront correction.

Adaptive Aspheric - A unique back surface design with eccentricity continuously varying from centre to edge. This design means an optimum peripheral fit is achieved on a greater range of corneas all with the same central radius. This enables a larger standard diameter to be selected.

ProCurve Aspheric Parameters

  • BOZR: 6.90mm to 10.00mm
  • Diameter: 9.80mm or 10.20mm
  • Power: ± 20.00D
  • Back Surface: Aspheric
  • Front Surface: Aspheric Wavefront Correction Perception™ Optics
  • Axial Edge Lift: 110 microns
  • Material: Specify

ProCurve Aspheric Fitting

Watch our ProCurve Aspheric Fitting Guide to know more.

Aspheric lenses have different fitting patterns to spherical lenses. As they align the cornea more closely than spherical designs the fluorescein pattern in the peripheral area of the lens is where to assess fitting. There should be no central pooling, and a larger edge band than a spherical lens. This results in increased correction of astigmatism, reduced spectacle blur and improved comfort.

The fit can be altered using 3 parameters; Diameter, Base Curve and Axial Edge Lift.
Diameter - The standard diameter of 9.80mm should be suitable for most corneas. There should be 0.5mm of visible cornea around the lens. If altering the diameter 0.4mm changes will cause a clinically significant difference.
Base Curve - Altering the base curve will change the central fluorescein pattern. The central fit should be in alignment with the cornea as shown below. Changes of 0.1mm to the BOZR will make a clinically significant difference.
Axial Edge Lift - If a central alignment fit is achieved but the peripheral fit is too tight or to flat the periphery of the lens can be altered. Increase the axial edge lift (AEL) to loosen the fit, reduce it to tighten the fit. Altering the AEL by 40μm will make a clinically significant difference, the BOZR and power of the lens do not need the be altered.

Why Choose Corneoscleral?

Why Choose ProCurve Aspheric?

If you prefer fitting fully aspheric lenses Scotlens’ polish free manufacture combined with adaptive aspheric fitting and Perception wavefront corrected optics makes this contact lens the one for you.

ProCurve Aspheric - One of the most advanced contact lenses on the market.