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The Continuous Curve ‘CC’ lens is one of the most prescribed contact lenses. The prescription range it covers with spherical, toric and front surface toric enables it to be prescribed on any eye. The back surface geometry is also used on the Delta bifocal. An aspheric periphery with an spherical optic improves visual qualities, assessment of fit, tear exchange and comfort. The edge lift can be specified in microns, 140μm is standard. Standard diameter is 9.50 but any diameter can be specified. This is an ideal design for lens diameters up to 9.80mm.

CC Design and CC Toric Parameters

  • BOZR: 4.00mm to 12.00mm
  • Diameter: 9.50mm or specify
  • Power: ± 35.00D 7.50D between meridians
  • Back Surface: Spherical/Toric 1.5mm between meridians
  • Front Surface: Spherical/Toric
  • Axial Edge Lift: 140 microns or specify
  • Material: Specify

CC Fitting

Watch our CC Fitting Guide to know more.

An optimum fit can be easily achieved with slit lamp examination considering the following 3 aspects:
1. Diameter - The standard diameter of 9.50 should be suitable for all corneal sizes.
2. Base curve - Slight central pooling should be achieved by altering the BOZR of the lens. 0.1mm changes will make a clinically significant change to the fit.
3. Axial edge lift - The peripheral band of AEL can be altered if necessary. 20μm increments will make a clinically significant change.

Why Choose Corneoscleral?

Why Choose CC Design and CC Toric?

The huge range of parameters means this design will fit your requirements.

CC Design and CC Toric - An ideal design for lens diameters up to 9.80mm