GP Lenses - MultiFocal - RE5

Revive your patient’s vision with RE5 Concentric Bifocal

Re5 is the lens design for the patient who demands great quality distance vision and a high near demand. Better still this design works on even high amounts of corneal astigmatism. As a bifocal there is no intermediate focus but what this lens lacks in range of focus it makes up for with quality of vision.

RE5 Concentric Bifocal Parameters

  • BOZR: 4.00mm to 9.50mm, 2.00mm between meridians
  • Diameter: 9.50mm or specify
  • Power: ±20.00D
  • Add Powers: 0.75 to 4.00
  • Segment: 3.5mm Standard or specify 1.5-5.0mm (0.25 increments)
  • Back Surface: S2 spherical or bi-toric
  • Material: Specify

Additional Information

Patients notice instant focusing between distance and near, minimal glare from lights at night and full near reading ability. The back surface design means the distance area fitting can be assessed with a blue torch or slit lamp. The range in parameters enable a bespoke fit optimising success and patient satisfaction. What starts out as a problem solving product often becomes the first choice for fitters.

Why Choose Corneoscleral?

Why Choose MultiFocal RE5?

The unique manufacturing process Scotlens makes the most out of complex optics like that of a bifocal. Quality optics are so critical when all of the focusing must be done through the small aperture of the pupil. The optical qualities combined with the changeable centre distance optic zone give total refinement and control during the fitting process.

MultiFocal RE5 - Revive your patient’s vision with RE5 Concentric Bifocal