GP Lenses - MultiFocal - Overview


With presbyopic contact lens wearers both increasing in numbers but also requiring vision to suit their demands there has never been a better time to fit multifocals. The key to success with multifocal fitting is in communication with your patient. Identifying their key visual needs and providing a lens correction for these will give the patient the greatest satisfaction most of the time. Due to the lack of visual flexibilty caused by presbyopia having over-spectacles to enhance the vision when needed, or a different pair of contact lenses can give the patient the best vision they can achieve whatever the situation.

With increasing use of tablet computers and smart phones bifocal (Re5 and Delta) contact lenses are increasing in popularity. Two large zones of clear often providing greater visual satisfaction compared to the range in focus compared of a true multifocal.

So where to start?

Early presbyopes, PC based office workers and strong binocular demand patients enjoy the Procurve PLUS. Over correcting the distance by +0.50 can help as presbyopia increases. Keeping the Add below +2.50 helps the quality of the vision. Advancing presbyopes often prefer to be provided clearer vision at two visual distances. This is where the Re5 design provides optimum correction. For patients who wish clear distance with high add near vision on down gaze the delta is an ideal choice.

MultiFocal ProCurve+

Providing increased range of vision and greater comfort over concentric bifocals along with true range of focus this is the first choice for any presbyope. The aspheric back surface allows optimum fitting with larger diameters which in turn maximise the distance centre optics from the front surface.

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MultiFocal Re5

Re5 is the lens design for the patient who demand great quality distance vision and a high near demand. Better still this design works on even high amounts of corneal astigmatism. As a bifocal there is no intermediate focus but what this lens lacks in range of focus it makes up for with quality of vision.

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MultiFocal Delta Bifocal

Delta is the lens design for the patient who demand great quality distance vision and a high near demand. The variable segment height means the optics can be positioned correctly in cases where lenses ride high or low or there is asymmetry in the fitting between right and left eyes.

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Why Choose Corneoscleral?

Why Choose MultiFocal Lenses?

The loss of focussing ability (Presbyopia) is a frustrating experience. Having to wear both contact lenses and reading glasses is now rarely needed as there are many multifocal designs available. These provide a range of focus and keep the eyes working together, and allow you to appear more youthful than your friends that pull out reading glasses!