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Quality Vision & Optimum Fit for most Keratoconic Patients

K-Contour contact lenses have been developed to provide the best quality vision and optimum fit for most keratoconic patients. The complex back surface of the contact lenses was developed in hospital contact lens clinics using 3 dimensional corneal mapping and enhanced contact lens fitting imaging. This has resulted in one of the most refined contact lens fitting systems available to keratoconic patients.

K-Contour is now the first choice keratoconic fitting system for many hospital clinics and independent optometrists.

K-Contour Parameters

  • BOZR: 4.50 to 7.90
  • Diameters: 8.70, 9.00, 9.30
  • Power: +20.00 to -30.00
  • Back Surface: Aspheric / Toric periphery / Full Toric
  • Front Surface: Spherical / Toric
  • Axial Edge Lift: ±7 steps

Manufactured on the most advanced lathing technology available, using the most breathable materials and designed using the most up to date fitting principles K-Contour contact lenses provides the highest quality contact lens correction available for keratoconic patients

Why Choose Corneoscleral?

Why Choose Keratoconic K-Contour?

K-Contour Keratoconic Contact Lenses are designed to cause minimal contact with the corneal cone apex. This is currently considered the safest method for fitting. Other designs of contact lenses often can touch the corneal apex leading to scarring and reduction of vision. The unique curves applied to the front and back surface of all K-Contour lenses are designed to provide excellent vision, improved comfort and safe fitting of almost all keratoconic patients. K-Contour Keratoconic Contact Lenses are available through hospital contact lens departments and private optometrists.

Watch our K-Contour Fitting Guide to find out more.

K-Contour - Quality Vision & Optimum Fit for most Keratoconic Patients