Quality & Service

As the first laboratory to achieve ISO9000 and the only UK manufacturer to offer Lathe2i™ manufacturing, quality is our objective. Our lens designs are developed with our in house optometrists ensuring the way you fit is simple and familiar, and the designs match your needs. Training and support is accessible to help you refresh old knowledge or develop new skills. The peripheral products we offer including contact lens solutions, soft contact lenses, contact lens suckers and cases, means we can offer a complete service for your specialist contact lens needs.


Scotlens’s unique Lathe2i™ manufacture creates a lens surface so accurate it is optimum with both the biology of the eye and optically. Lenses can literally go straight from the lathe to eye, no polishing is required as with conventional GP contact lens manufacture. This accuracy makes manufacturing complex geometries both 100% accurate and 100% repeatable. The small alterations needed to refine orthokeratolgy  (Nocturnal™), toric refractions or multifocal optics are only possible with Lathe2i™ meaning greater patient satisfaction. Lathe2i™ is exclusive to Scotlens and used in the manufacture of their entire GP range.


Specialty designs are our passion. Orthokeratology with Nocturnal™, keratoconic designs with K-Contour, KCC and Corneoscleral, scleral with EasyScleral, multifocals with Delta, ProCurvePlus and Re5 there will be design that will help you improve your patients satisfaction.


Its a competitive world! Its all well and good being able to manufacture a fantastic product better than your competition but no use if you aren’t competitive on price. We supply every sector of the contact lens industry including NHS, independent optometrists, multiple optometrists and international distributors. This reflects on our product range, pricing and overall value.


You can be confident in our service to supply lenses quickly, typically lenses are dispatched within 30 hours of order. Clinical support is available on every design and we can also help swapping patients from other designs of lenses to our own.

Meet the Scotlens Team

Scott Brown
Director, Optometrist

Scott works as an Optometrist in independent practice and fits NHS contact lenses for irregular/keratoconic corneas. In addition to providing clinical support you will often meet Scott presenting or attending conferences.

Scott can be contacted
on scott@scotlens.com.
James Anthony
Managing Director

James has been developing Scotlens’s manufacturing of contact lenses since the 1970’s. James can provide advise on both lens design and clinical issues. You will often meet James at conferences.

James can be contacted
on jamesa@scotlens.com.
Iain Moffat
Senior Lab Technician

Iain has seen the shift from slide rules to CAD over the three decades he has been manufacturing contact lenses.

Iain can be contacted
on lab@scotlens.com.
Rona Hogg

The familiar voice you will hear at the other end of the telephone line will usually be Rona.

Rona can be contacted
on lab@scotlens.com.
Why Choose Scotlens?

Why Choose Scotlens ?

At Scotlens we try to provide contact lenses, expertise and service that will result in your total satisfaction.

  • Range of products.
  • Speed of delivery.
  • Great Value.
  • Specialist training.
  • Lathe2i™ quality.